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About Me

Doctor Ira Price

Dr. Ira Price is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine through the Department of Internal Medicine at McMaster University. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons trained in Emergency Medicine, with a Fellowship in Sports Medicine, a special interest in chronic pain management and is currently an investigating Coroner in the province of Ontario.

For over 13 years Dr. Ira has been a thought leader and pioneer in the clinical application of natural pain solutions and Cannabinoid therapeutics. In 2011, Dr. Price opened the first Medical Cannabis clinic in Central Canada, called Synergy Health Services.


Dr. Price is an internationally known lecturer and keynote speaker. He has assumed many roles within the industry both as an international advisor and researcher, with a focus on the opioid pandemic.

Dr. Price takes pride in being both a physician and an entrepreneur. His mission in life is to be a force for good, and to lead by example. Helping those who need help and showing them through his own experiences that anything is possible!

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